Dead Frog in Balaji Wafers

Dead Frog in Balaji Wafers

Image Source: TOI

Dead Frog Found in Balaji Wafers Packet in Jamnagar, Prompts Investigation

A disturbing discovery in Jamnagar has led to an investigation by the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC). On Tuesday night, a resident, Jasmin Patel, found a dead frog inside a packet of Balaji wafers.

Patel reported that his nine-year-old niece purchased the packet from a nearby shop around 8 pm. After opening it at 10 pm and consuming some of the wafers, they discovered the fried frog inside the packet.

The JMC has taken swift action, summoning the local dealer to inspect all remaining packets from the same batch. This will help determine the extent of the issue and ensure no further contaminated products reach consumers.

Patel’s experience highlights the importance of food safety regulations and proper quality control measures. The JMC’s investigation will hopefully shed light on how this incident occurred and prevent similar situations in the future.


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