Dandepalli Sub-Inspector Suspended

Dandepalli Sub-Inspector Suspended

Dandepalli Sub-Inspector Faces Suspension for Alleged Corruption and Misconduct

Dandepalli, Telangana: In a swift action, Sub-Inspector Kalyanam Naresh has been suspended from his post following allegations of misuse of authority and corrupt practices. The Kaleshwaram Zone, led by Deputy Inspector Dr. Tarun Joshi, officially issued the suspension order on Saturday.

Naresh’s suspension stems from accusations of abusing his official position and engaging in activities deemed unbecoming of a police officer. These alleged actions brought disrepute to the department, prompting local residents to lodge formal complaints with higher officials.

The department took immediate action upon receiving the complaints, placing Naresh under investigation. The investigation’s findings led to his suspension, highlighting the department’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and ensuring public trust.


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