BRS Supporter Scales Himalayan Peak to unfurl Flex Poster of Johnson Naik

BRS, Johnson Naik

Image credit: Telangana Today

A devoted supporter of the BRS (Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi) nominee from Khanapur, Bhukya Johnson Naik, made a striking statement high in the Himalayas. Suddala Mahipal, hailing from Surjapur village in Khanapur mandal, undertook a challenging expedition to the 12,500 feet Kedarkantha peak in Uttarakhand. Braving the harsh weather conditions, he unfurled a large flex poster of Johnson Naik, expressing his wholehearted support for Naik and the BRS.

Mahipal’s journey up the towering Himalayan mountain was fueled by his desire for Naik’s success and the widespread implementation of BRS initiatives throughout the country. He believed that the nominee stood a good chance of winning in the Khanapur constituency, thanks to the innovative policies and promises outlined in the party’s manifesto. His symbolic gesture on the mountain peak echoed his unwavering faith in Naik’s vision for the region.

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