BRS Leaders Strongly Disapprove of Rahul Gandhi’s Statements


Leaders of the BRS expressed their strong disapproval of the remarks made by Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, Congress leaders, during their recent visit to Mulugu district. They held a press conference to voice their concerns.

Satyavathi Rathod, the Minister for Tribal, Women, and Child Welfare, criticized Rahul Gandhi’s statements as “unreasonable.” She accused the Congress leaders of making empty promises to mislead people ahead of the upcoming elections.

Rathod questioned why the Congress leaders were suddenly talking about the national status of the Medaram jatara, given that the Congress has been a prominent political party in India for many years. She suggested that people were not taking these hollow promises seriously and were instead laughing at them.

Rathod also challenged the Congress party’s claims about podu lands, arguing that during the Congress’s rule in the state, both tribal and non-tribal communities had faced significant difficulties.

She highlighted the achievements of the Telangana government, led by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, including the distribution of land titles for over 4.60 lakh acres of podu lands. This distribution even included the parents of Congress MLA Seethakka from Mulugu.

Rathod further dared the Congress to attract at least 10,000 people to their meetings and rallies. She emphasized the progress made in Bhupalapally and Mulugu districts, where tribal settlements had transformed into Gram Panchayats with better infrastructure and services.

Other prominent leaders, such as MPs Maloth Kavitha, Pasunuri Dayakar, MLA Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar, and MLC Pochampally Srinivas Reddy, also shared similar disapproval of the comments made by the Congress leaders.

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