Andhra Pradesh Tiger Rescue: Freed After 10 Days

Andhra Pradesh Tiger Rescue Freed After 10 Days

Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Rescues Tigress in Distress

The Andhra Pradesh forest department successfully rescued an adult tigress that had been entangled in a snare for at least ten days. Officials first spotted the tigress through a camera trap photograph on February 25th in the Musalimadugu beat area of the Atmakuru Forest Division.

The snare was caught around the tigress’ spine, causing significant distress. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the forest department swiftly launched a rescue operation involving a 50-member team, including experts from Maharashtra.

On Tuesday morning, the team located the tigress near the Kothapalli forest beat. Using tranquilizers, they were able to safely immobilize the animal and remove the snare. The tigress also received a thorough medical examination to assess any injuries sustained from the ordeal.

Currently, the big cat is recovering at the forest department’s veterinary dispensary near Atmakuru. Thankfully, she will be released back into her natural habitat, the Nallamala Forest, once her treatment is complete.

This successful rescue highlights the dedication of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department in protecting wildlife. It also serves as a reminder of the threats wild animals face, often due to human intervention.

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